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Jeff Edwards


Jeff Edwards served in the United States Navy as bombardier/ navigator flying A-6 Intruders and is a veteran of the first Gulf War. He was an aircraft accident investigator with the U.S. Naval Safety Center and later for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing where he investigated military and civil aircraft accidents around the world. He continues to consult on aviation accidents at He has a Ph.D. in Aviation and has researched and written on many general aviation safety issues.


Jeff holds an ATP certificate, CFI certificates, is a FAAST Rep and is a former FAA DPE. He is the 2003 FAA CFI of the Year. He has over 10,000 flight hours. He is a founder and former president of the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization (LOBO) and currently serves on their board. He is also a subject matter expert for the General Aviation Joint Safety Committee.

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