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Jimmy Rollison


Jimmy Rollison has owned, operated, and maintained more than 50 vintage and antique aircraft in his lifelong aviation career. These unique aircraft honed his award-winning skills to restore, repair, and collect a large (original) inventory, from landing gear to instrumentation, blending authentic with modern equipment integration. His aircraft and memorabilia collection has been featured in TV shows, movies, social media, and museums.


He has flown and performed in over 150 different aircraft types, from the Curtiss “Jenny” to the P-51 Mustang and bombers, while performing his 35-year career duties as Captain for a major cargo airline (which features him in their new-hire Captain’s Course).


Jimmy’s varied experience in aviation has brought him to serve on FAA Working Groups, SMS boards, and warbird safety groups, local airport advisory committees, and serve as subject matter expert, antique aircraft judge, and operations/efficiency keynote speaker at international events. He’s an active supporter of STEM and a mentor to the next generations of mechanics and pilots.


Jimmy’s A/P and I.A. have proven a perfect fit for his 28,000 hours as captain, flight engineer, instructor, and pilot. Whether ferrying packages around the world in an MD-11 or ferrying a 1929 Tri-motor Kreutzer across the country, Jimmy’s favorite aircraft is the one he’s currently flying.

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