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Mariellen Couppee


Mariellen Couppee is a senior Technical Writer for a government/defense contractor working in the FAA Flight Program Operations directorate. She is a MEII and owns/operates multiple aircraft, and loves flying historic aircraft across the country. Mariellen has created and presented aviation safety presentations for more than 25 years. Her professional experience includes MRO, inspection, maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance Checks, green completions, avionics/return to service flights, AeroIT, satcom, CI/Lean for flight operations, technical publications, and rapid prototyping documents/processes for general aviation, business, and airline operations worldwide.


She has been a FAASTeam member, a regional award recipient, AOPA Airport Support Network rep, and assisted in multiple GPS approaches into her local airport, each with unique approach fix names. Ms. Couppee has participated in the FAA ARAC working groups for Airman Certification the past nine years as well as the FAA ACT ARC.

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